Fabrication Exams

To test your employees' hose assembly and fabrication knowledge NAHAD offers five online Fabrication exams; one for each hose type. Certificates of Completion are issued to individuals who successfully complete the exam for one or more hose types. 

Pricing:  Single Exam - $79.00

Two Exams - $158.00

Three Exams - $237.00

Four Exams - $316.00

Pack of 5 Exams - $345.00 ($69.00 each)

Pack of 10 Exams - $590.00 ($59.00 each)

The Fabrication Guides and exams are the perfect training tool and recognition program to ensure that your key sales and fabrication employees fully understand the Hose Assembly Guidelines that focus on safety, quality and reliability.

If you have employees' who would like to be Hose Safety Institute Handbook certified, NAHAD now offers a series of online courses that lead to certification.  Please refer to NAHAD Academy for details.  

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