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NAHAD is committed to ensuring that all hose and hose accessory industry professionals have the knowledge, resources, and training to be safe at all times.  We believe in making sure that your customers' employees arrive home safely to their loved ones at the end of every day.

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NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute© provides a powerful forum for Distributors, Manufacturers, suppliers, end-users and industry organizations to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.

The Institute’s core deliverables are the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines (performance standards for hose assembly design, fabrication, handling and management as provided by qualified NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Members) and the new HANDBOOK for the Design & Specification of Hose Assemblies

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Hose Assembly Guidelines

The five Fabrication Guides provide a valuable reference and training resource, available exclusively for Hose Safety Institute members.

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Exams & Certificates with a CTA

The Fabrication Guides and exams are the perfect training tool and recognition program to ensure that your key sales and fabrication employees fully understand the Hose Assembly Guidelines that focus on safety, quality and reliability.

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HSI Membership is renewed annually for the calendar year.  Click the Renew Now link below to pay your dues.  HSI memberships lapsed 12 months or longer will require a new membership application and review.  Please contact with questions.

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